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Caffeine Hit! Game

Get a caffeine buzz with the Caffeine Hit Game from Ridley's Games. This stimulating and strategic game is all about collecting caffeine points, serving up a few action cards to stir the pot and de-caffeinating your opponents to take the lead.

—description from the publisher

Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards, within the pack there are drinks cards which each earn you points or minus points from your score (those pesky decaf drinks!)depending on their caffeine levels. There are also action cards which allow for more strategic playing, with cards such as the To Go Cup which allows you to place on your table with drink cards from your own hand underneath to keep your hand secret and the Drinks Carrier which allows you to put down cards of different colours.
To play, each player can either put down 5 Drink Cards of the same colour on their own coffee table, play up to 2 Drink Cards of the same colour on an opponents coffee table, play an action card or forfeit your turn and swap your cards!
The aim of the game is to collect as many Caffeine Points as you can before the cards run out - Happy Caffeinating!