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Marvis Toothpaste - Anis Mint

Marvis is offering a spicy fresh take on traditional toothpaste with its Anise Mint Flavor.  The creamy, fluoride-based paste mixes the warm healing powers of star anise with the natural freshness of mint to create a toothpaste that is exhilarating and effective.  It's bold, invigorating flavor is long-lasting so you'll feel its vigor well into the day.  Use daily to help remove plaque and whiten teeth, ensuring that your mouth and gums are cared for

The deluxe Marvis toothpast was created 50 years ago.  It was originally conceived for smokers to whiten teeth and freshen mouth.  Along with the French one "Email Diamant", Marvis is the oldest whitening toothpaste on the market.  Alum powder based, it polishes the teeth smoothly without being harmful  for the enamel neither the gengiva.  The teeth will recover their original colour while the tea, coffee, tobacco, wine stains will have disappeared.  The cool sensation you will feel in your mouth once you have brushed your teeth is unique.  It is the same one you have when you go to the hygienist:  Teeth are smooth and silky.